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Blue Light

In this Science Fiction Horror piece, a hard-core game tester discovers that too many hours in front of a screen may not be as harmless as supposed. And while it is possible to tire of pizza and beer, the innocent food of the gods, eating nothing may have strange side effects.
Blue Light
Photo by Alexander Andrews / Unsplash

Blue Light


Things got weird as the long winter crossed its arms and decided to get darker, rainier, and even more depressing than usual. Right after Dana's girlfriend dumped him just before the holidays.

"Statistically, the most common time", said @GoatFer, one of his guildies, "Better to dump the boyfriend now then spend the holidays with someone you are planning to dump. Cleaner. Fuck!Kill that troll." Dana winced as @GoatFer's mic popped.

"On it," He thwacked the troll viciously with a longsword he kept for that purpose. "Still, unnecessarily harsh though. Winters are long." The longsword cleaved the troll in half and then sent a burst of sparkles across the screen. The troll dropped no loot at all, not even a bag of copper.

"Think of it as your chance to level up, Dingbat." @GoatFer laughed.

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