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Don thought his age of unexpected body changes long past, but in this Science Fiction short with a tinge of Body Horror, when infectious body parts meets intellectual property lawsuits, he learns otherwise.
Photo by Yahor Urbanovich / Unsplash


by Cody T Luff

When Don discovered the eye in his armpit, he couldn’t look away from the bathroom mirror until it blinked. There was no sound as the pink, lashless eyelid flicked over the milky green iris but somehow Don heard a soft dry tick inside himself anyway. He lowered his arm, finished drying himself off with Sandra’s pink towel and stepped into the hallway.

He wasn’t sure how long he stood in the simple unadorned darkness of Sandra’s hall. Her bedroom door was cracked open, thick yellow light bled from its seam, warping against the empty wall like an improbable slash of butter on burnt toast. Sandra’s roommates laughed at something downstairs. Don could hear an engine running somewhere down the street. And there was an eye in his armpit.

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